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Top Cryptocurrencies of the Week – As at Aug 8, 2018

  1. Bitcoin (BTC) -12% this week at $6750, facing a Winklevoss Twins ETF
    rejection has fallen back to $6750 USD, but may have hopes for a rebound in
    the coming months as the CBOE ETF application is still in play. Alongside
    this news, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange is in collaboration with
    Microsoft and Starbucks to create a platform allowing Bitcoin to be spent at
    every Starbucks in the world.
  2. Holochain (HOT) +15% this week at $0.000675 – an emerging competitor in
    the non-blockchain structure of Distributed Ledger Technology, is continuing
    to show price strength and community growth since its 100% rise on news of
    Binance exchange listing last week.
  3. Ethereum Classic (ETC) +5% this week at $17.40. This fork of Ethereum
    was created due to a portion of the community having a difference in
    philosophy to the resolution of to the infamous $150m DAO hack on the
    Ethereum network in June 2016. Following a launch on Coinbase Pro’s
    exchange platform as well as the popular Crypto Trading App Robinhood, this
    cryptocurrency is one of the few that saw a positive price move this week.
  4. Binance Coin (BNB) -4% this week at $13.26, the utility token for world’s
    highest transaction volume exchange, is continuing to demonstrate strength
    as a safe harbour during the correction this week a red sea of double-digit
    percentage drops in the top 100 cryptocurrencies as the company continues
    to announce upcoming funds and acquisitions
  5. Caleb and Brown’s Crypto Spotlight of the Week: Hedera Hashgraph – A very anticipated Distributed Ledger Technology project promising rapid transaction throughput, has announced its public $20
    million ICO offering after disclosing a private capital raise of $100 million.
    Additionally, Coinbase Custody has announced that Hedera Hashgraph is
    among the candidates that their custodian solution could potentially support in
    the future, despite the fact that the coin has yet to launch its Blockchain.

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