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Interview with Nevin Freeman, CEO of San Francisco-based stablecoin firm Reserve

Jackson Zeng, COO Caleb and Brown teamed up with Token Tank to Interview with the much-hyped about Stablecoin – Reserve Currency.

Reserve has big-name Investors that includes Coinbase Ventures, Distributed Global, GSR.IO, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Velorum Capital, Blocktower Capital, Rocket Fuel, NEO Global Capital, Fenbushi, PreAngel, CryptoLotus, Arrington XRP Capital, Digital Currency Group, and many others.

    What is Reserve?
    Reserve is a decentralized digital currency that is designed to be used like normal money. This concept is often referred to as a “stablecoin” in the crypto community, and it’s widely agreed that it’s essential for crypto to make the transition from a fun speculation game to a legitimately useful form of money. The protocol controls the supply of Reserve to keep the price stable relative to the US dollar.

    About Nevin Freeman, CEO Reserve Token

    Nevin is the Reserve project CEO. He oversees strategy, legal, and team coordination.

    Nevin Freeman is an entrepreneur. He’s co-founded three companies: He was the CTO of a financial news website (successful), CIO of a medical research company (failed), and COO of a training-heavy startup incubator (in progress, $25m valuation at current seed stage, investment led by Peter Thiel). He’s built two full-stack websites himself from the ground up, co-founded, directed, and handed off a conference for the Effective Altruism movement that’s grown to over 1k in annual attendance, and handled incorporation, fundraising, recruiting, immigration, contracts, office rental, etc. for multiple nonprofit and for-profit companies. His mission in life is to solve the coordination problems that are stopping humanity achieving its potential, and he’s particularly concerned about averting the long-term risks posed by the development of artificial intelligence.

    Find out more about Reserve Token, here

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