How to trade with
Caleb & Brown

Please see below the instructions which outline how you can Buy, Sell or Swap Cryptocurrencies with Caleb and Brown. If you have any questions here, please contact your broker or [email protected]

Make a deposit

Make a deposit to our bank account, our minimum deposit is $2000. View our supported currencies and wire instructions details here. For those registered as individuals, do not send funds from a company or trust without verifying the entity first.

Check Details

Ensure your 'Customer ID Number' is used as a reference/description in your bank wire. Your broker can give you this number. Please avoid mentioning 'crypto' in the bank description.

Email payment receipt

E-Mail a copy of your bank payment receipt to your broker alongside clear order instruction. That way we can work on your trade right away.

Ensure your email has the subject line 'BUY ORDER' so it can be quickly identified as a transaction by your broker.

For Example: "Hi, I would like to purchase $2000 Bitcoin and $4000 Ethereum, attached is a copy of my bank wire receipt"

Execute Order

Once we receive your order request and payment receipt we will execute the order and issue an Invoice when letterhead. We cannot accept cash deposits.

Please note that funds must come from a bank or credit union that we've worked with, otherwise we may have to wait for clearance.

We also require that payment receipts show sender and receiver information as well as the bank letterhead. We cannot accept cash deposits.

All done

We can then hold Cryptocurrencies for you or send them to your own Cryptocurrency wallet address once your bank wire arrives.

Still have questions?

  • You can email your broker for any trades you require. Ensure you use the same email address that is registered to your account with Caleb and Brown, otherwise trades will not go through. Trades can be as complex as you like. It all comes down to clear communication between you and your broker. Caleb and Brown have the resources to trade in over 1,000 Cryptocurrencies directly. Trades can be handled as soon as you like. Some trades may take longer based on the variables and specifics of the coins involved. We always endeavour to get clients the best prices and quickest transactions.

  • Our transaction fee is charged at the time of transaction when a trade is executed. The fee comes off the transaction amount. There are no additional costs as our fee covers every variable involved. We can receive, send and hold assets at no cost. There is no expense to dealing with your broker too.

  • You do not need to have a wallet for your Cryptocurrency. We can hold your Cryptocurrencies for free and issue you account summaries anytime you need. We offer this solution as we understand the risks some clients have with holding their own Cryptocurrencies and want to ensure we can provide quality assurance and security for your assets at no cost.

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