Ordering Process

Please follow all instructions carefully to ensure there are no issues with your transaction. Orders may be delayed if any information is missing.


Photo ID (Passport or license)
Smartphone / Camera
Bank Account to transfer funds
Wallet Address

Include Valid Wallet Address

Attach the address to your wallet to receive the digital assets. If you require, your broker would be happy to assist you through this process.

Transfer Funds

Send a wire transfer in the specified amount to the allocated Caleb and Brown Bank Account. Please note we regularly change our banking details, always visit our banking page to make sure you have the correct details.

Transfer Funds

Send a picture of the bank transfer confirmation next to an official form of identification(preferably Passport or Driver’s License) using your phone, as pictured below. This mitigates the risk of any bank charge back issues.

MUST INCLUDE: Sender Name, Amount, Date, C&B Name, C&B AccountNumber

Send All Details to Your Broker

Your order has now been submitted, your broker will contact you as soon as possible.

Your Broker will execute the trade

When we receive your order and payment receipt we will execute the trade and issue an invoice detailing your order.

Assets will be sent to your wallet address

When the bank wire is received, your digital assets will immediately be dispatched to your nominated wallet address.

Hi (My Personal Broker),

I want to buy USD$25,000 Bitcoin. My wallet address is XXXXX.

I have deposited the funds into the specified account, and attached the proof of deposit as per your instructions.

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