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OTC Trading for Institutions and Large Investors

Our Over-The-Counter (OTC) desk is ideal for both institutions and individual investors looking to take advantage of our off-market service, locking in pricing and executing larger cryptocurrency orders without pushing the price out of your favour.

What is OTC?

OTC refers to larger volume trades that happen outside of an open order book exchange. An estimate of roughly 50% of the global 24H trading volume currently occurs over the counter.

Why use our OTC Trade Desk?

There are actually a number of reasons people use OTC beyond the nebulous idea of an underground playground trading of millions of bitcoin that will crash the open market.
  • Lock in purchases instantly, without waiting for banking deposit time.
  • Avoid exchange deposit and withdrawal delays from online exchanges. Because cryptocurrency exchanges are not serviced by the incumbent banks, exchanges have to use third-party banking services. This is the primary reason for constant complications around fiat deposits and withdrawals from online exchanges
  • Direct communication to our trading desk for rapid support
  • Direct communication with our brokers for transaction flexibility
  • Avoid the potential risk of Tether solvency by trading directly into your bank account. (Note: this is not a statement about Tether or other stable coins.)
  • Off-market transactions provide a cost-effective method to trade larger volumes without moving the market price
    Access to any available cryptocurrency via one location. (If it exists, we’ll find it for you)

Meet our COO

Jackson has five years of trading experience in the cryptocurrency space and founded Bit By Bit Capital, one of Australia’s first private trusts investing in cryptocurrency.

DataDash OTC Interview

DataDash, a popular YouTube content producer interviewed our CEO Dr. Prash to take a deep dive into the world of OTC markets. Addressing some of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is OTC?
  2. Is OTC mainly reserved for “Crypto Whales”?
  3. OTC markets volumes
  4. Spot pricing, Slippage and more…

A Look Inside OTC Markets | DataDash Interview w/ Dr. Prash

About Caleb and Brown

Caleb and Brown is an award-winning digital currency exchange registered with AUSTRAC. Founded in 2016 with a vision to become the conduit between cryptocurrency and the financial services industry.

Caleb and Brown was named FinTech start-up of the year at the Stockbroker and Financial Advisors Association (SAFAA) conference 2018.