A major concern for potential investors are the security and uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies, particularly for those that are new to the market.

At Caleb and Brown, we offer a variety of different services to ensure our clients are best protected from any security related issues.


Maintain Control

We strongly encourage all clients to maintain custody of their own cryptocurrency assets at all times. Using cold storage devices, directly sourced from the manufacturer, you always have control over what’s yours. This is the safest option for storing cryptocurrency, and it reduces your exposure to external factors that may interfere with your digital assets.

Personal Broker

Your personal broker is an important part of your investment process. They are there to guide you throughout, beginning with wallet setup and educating you on the best practices for keeping your cryptocurrency safe.

Cold Storage Solutions

We offer the provision of cold storage devices sourced directly from the manufacturer. In addition to this we offer a variety of consulting services both in house and off site to mitigate the laborious and confusing process of securing your cryptocurrencies.

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