What Does the Bitcoin Tax Service Include?

  • Review your purchases and sales to achieve the best possible tax outcome for you.
  • Assess your situation and implement tax structuring to optimise future cryptocurrency investment returns.
  • Analyse your data to provide the best possible tax strategies.

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How Do I Structure for Crypto Investments?

Given the current state of the cryptocurrency market, this is the optimal time for investors to reposition themselves and better structure their investments for the future. For most, doing so will achieve favourable tax outcomes and maximise the gains seen from your cryptocurrency portfolio.

As every case is unique, we strongly recommend contacting Caleb and Brown for more details. 

Cryptocurrency Tax Compliance

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has expressed concerns about cryptocurrency gains made during this financial year, and has warned investors about declaring their digital currency for taxation purposes. Their main focus remains on Bitcoin investments, but generally covers the use of all cryptocurrencies for personal, business or investment purposes.

Caleb & Brown is proud to have partnered with JLGM & Co. Chartered Accountants to present our clients with a comprehensive tax assessment package.

This package has been designed to remain compliant with all emerging cryptocurrency-specific ATO regulations. Our company advisor enjoys a close relationship with ADCA to ensure Caleb and Brown remains informed on all legal developments affecting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, tax-related or otherwise.

Is This Service For Me?

With the cost of assessment starting at only $400*, Caleb and Brown offers an inexpensive and effective option for out clients. Our tax assessment is tailored to feed the specific needs of your portfolio and to ensure you receive the most value from your future investments. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

*Price includes analysis on one exchange export with under 80 transactions


Will a Bitcoin Tax Assessment Save Me Money?

Depending on a number of factors, our clients have experienced varying degrees of savings. For example, a client with 600 Bitcoin trades across 5 different cryptocurrency exchanges managed to save over $15,000. We want to provide you with the most effective recommendations to liquidate cryptocurrency positions and massively reduce any taxable gains.

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