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The Australian Taxation Office has expressed concerns about cryptocurrency gains made during this financial year, and warned crypto investors about declaring their use of digital currency for taxation purposes. This includes using crypto for personal, business and investment reasons.


While this may sound intimidating, we’re here to help. Caleb & Brown is proud to have partnered with JLGM & Co. Chartered Accountants to present our clients with a comprehensive tax assessment package.


This package has been designed with your benefit in mind while keeping you compliant with new ATO regulations. In fact, our tax assessment package just helped one of our Australian clients save over $15,000 in tax. When you book in for a consultation with us, we will:
  • Review your cryptocurrency purchases and sales to achieve the best possible tax outcome for you.
  • Assess your situation and implement tax structuring to optimise future investment returns.
  • Analyse your data and provide tax strategies.

Meet our accountant

Tony Fan’s specialised knowledge in crypto-related accounting allows him to stay on top of taxation laws within the crypto space. He has extensive experience in educating clients on staying compliant with the ever-evolving crypto tax laws.

Wondering if this will be worth your while?

One of our clients recently approached us with trades made across 5 different cryptocurrency exchanges with over 600 transactions. After performing our assessment, we saved him over $15,000 by providing recommendations for liquidating cryptocurrency positions that massively reduced his taxable gains.


With the cost of assessment starting at only $400*, this is an opportunity not to be missed.


Our tax assessment includes suggestions based on the following principles:
  • First in first out
  • Last in first out
  • Most optimal outcome
  • Current open cryptocurrency position cost bases

*Price includes analysis on one exchange export with under 80 transactions

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