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Making Cryptocurrency Investment

Fast, Simple, and Secure.

Your Cryptocurrency Brokerage


Trade as an Individual, Company, Trust, or Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).


Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, or any cryptocurrency available on the market.


Speak to a real person. Your cryptocurrency broker will be with you every step of the way.

Client Support

Whether you’re a bitcoin trader or new to the market, you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency with AUD, USD, and other major currencies. We service clients globally, including Australia, the United States, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.

Cryptocurrency Tax Assistance

Take out the complication of sorting out your crypto tax, call us now. We service individuals, trusts, companies, and Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Your first consultation with us is always free.


Why Choose Us?


We take on the market exposure, enabling you to capitalise on key events sooner via AUD, USD, and more.


Our access to institution-grade liquidity partners provides you with optimal pricing for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.


Funds are sent to your own wallet or bank, avoiding the centralisation risks of conventional exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your order process work?

When Buying Cryptocurrency

  1. Order opened with our team
  2. You provide a receipt that you have sent us the funds, usually with a photo of the transaction
  3. Price locked in and trade executed
  4. Funds clear on our end (typically within 1 – 3 business days depending on bank transfer times)
  5. Coins are released to your nominated wallet

When Selling Cryptocurrency

  1. Order opened with our team
  2. You send your crypto to our nominated crypto address, and provide details of your bank account
  3. Price locked in and trade executed
  4. We deposit funds to your bank account (typically within 1 – 3 business days depending on bank transfer times)

What are your prices based on?

We determine the price for the cryptocurrencies in the most fair way possible – using the highest liquidity exchanges as global benchmarks.

  • Bitcoin’s price is determined by an average of the highest liquidity exchanges globally
  • For other cryptocurrencies, the price is based on the exchange with the largest trading volume

To reward frequent clients, our variable fee rate decreases as your trading volume with us increases. Contact your broker today.

Do you support overseas clients?

Yes! Outside of Australia, we’ve had many happy clients from the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, and Switzerland, amongst many others.

Do you support trading as an entity, such as a company?

Yes. We are able to facilitate trading with all entity structures, such as companies, trusts, and superannuation funds.

What is your minimum transaction?

We encourage you to start with an amount you are comfortable with. Our minimum trades are AUD $2,000, with incentives of reduced commissions at higher volumes.


Whether you are new to the market, or a seasoned trader, Caleb & Brown can help to realise your goals.

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What Our Clients Have Said

There’s plenty of crypto exchanges in Australia but for larger value transactions it can often be more difficult. Caleb and Brown offer a safe, simple and personalised service for those interested in buying/selling bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

I run Nugget’s News, Australia’s #1 cryptocurrency channel. They’ve certainly helped 100s of our followers from varying experience levels. We’ve had nothing but good feedback about how easy it is to pick up the phone or email them and get transactions done within minutes and fiat settled within hours.

Alex Saunders ( Nugget’s News )

I began my journey as a personal investor in cryptocurrencies, and as I learned more and more I saw the potential to take control of more financial future and provide for a very comfortable retirement. Recent changes to my work super fund allowed me set up and rollover into an SMSF, this then gave me the option to invest in this asset class.

I’m excited about the future and how cryptocurriences can provide a much greater return versus traditional investing and having a business relationship with Caleb and Brown I feel will prove to be a very wise choice in helping to secure my financial future.

Lance Byers