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Melbourne, Australia

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About Us

Caleb and Brown was founded in 2016 to fill a gap in the market; A means of accessing large volumes of Cryptocurrency, instantly, at a spot price via a trusted entity. Since it’s inception, Caleb and Brown has evolved both its value proposition as well as it service offerings to now become the largest Cryptocurrency brokerage in Australia by both traded volume as well as client numbers.

In recognition of its role in bringing trust and a recognisable model akin to that utilised by the financial services industry, Caleb and Brown was awarded Fintech Startup of the Year by the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors Association.

Every client at Caleb and Brown is assigned a personal broker who becomes their consistent resource to service all their Cryptocurrency needs. This gives them access to the entire breadth of Caleb and Brown’s services.

  1. BUY / SELL Cryptocurrencies – The cryptocurrency market is fast-paced, and it is important to secure your position as soon as possible.
  2. Cryptocurrency Education – We run seminars and education sessions catering for a range of corporate profiles from the financial services industry to academic institutions as well as industry-specific investor groups such as the medical or legal fraternity.
  3. Cryptocurrency Security & Wallet Setup – We offer the provision of cold storage devices sourced directly from the manufacturer.
  4. Tax Assessment – We help you make sense of cryptocurrency taxation and ensure investment structures that best suit your tax needs.
  5. OTC Trading Desk – Our Over-The-Counter (OTC) desk is ideal for both institutions and individual investors looking to take advantage of our off-market service
  6. ICO Capital Raise Liquidation – Caleb and Brown provides private working- capital management services to meet ICOs business requirements.
  7. Private Sales / Off-Market Pricing – Caleb and Brown can provide the ability for individuals to sell or buy positions ‘off book’ through our network of providers, we can contact the counterparty of a trade to get you an off market price.
  8. Portfolio Management – We can provide advice for how to best structure your portfolio to maximize your return, minimise your tax and limit your risk.

Our Team

Dr. Prash P

Prash is considered a thought leader in the philosophical and existential implications of this emerging technology, and is a regular speaker at industry conferences.

Jackson Zeng

Jackson has five years of trading experience in the cryptocurrency space and founded one of Australia’s first private trusts investing in cryptocurrency.

Bee Weck

Bee is a mathematics graduate from RMIT University with extensive research experience in Blockchain technology. Bee is an avid cryptocurrency investor in top projects, and has a keen eye to discover good projects at an early stage.

Jeff Zylstra

Senior Broker
Jeff has been trading and investing in cryptocurrencies since 2014, and his teaching and influence have resulted in a growing community of enthusiastic traders and investors.

David Carroll

Software Engineer
David is a fullstack developer, previously working on projects in private, public, and startup companies.

Jake Boyle

Business Development
Jake started his first business in 2014 which is when he first started investing in Cryptocurrency. Since then Jake has had experience in trading and mining while simultaneously focusing on developing businesses domestically and internationally.

Rupert Hackett

Rupert has 5 years of experience in Bitcoin investments, having completed the worlds first masters in Digital Currencies. Rupert is also the Co-Founder and Board Director of Bitcoin.com.au, Board Director for the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) and advisor for Apollo Capital.